A Celebration of Motherhood

A tribute to my beautiful Mothers of the year past and to the ones that will grace my camera soon. Your Mama hearts are strong. In the quiet moments of motherhood bliss and in times of pain. May you know your impact to those little hearts you nurture.

To those hearts your smile is gold and your touch is magic.

Sometimes it's that simple.

Mama Loves You

by Caroline Stutson

I am yours,

You are mine.

Mama loves you,


Come a-buzzing,

Straight to me.

Mama loves you,


Flit to Mama,

Fly sky-high.

Mama loves you,


Let it snow,

We don't care.

Mama loves you,

Polar bear.

My heart is singing!

Have you heard?

Mama loves you,


Who's that nibbling

In my house?

Mama loves you,

Little mouse.

Give me kisses!

Give me hugs!

Mama loves you,

Little bugs.

In our thicket,

Snuggle near.

Mama loves you,

Little deer.

Look who's running!


Mama loves you,

Kitty cat.

You're my star,

My moon, my sun.

Mama loves you,

Little one.

I Love You!