A Day in the Life


Documenting a day in my life.  A regular winters day at home with my boys.


  1. A memory of a regular day raising my little boys.  As a reminder of what this phase of life looked like.  We take photos of birthdays, holidays, and vacations.  But often forget the day to day routine, or at least to capture it beautifully.  Without the convenient phone camera.

  2. Capture the details.  There are so many details like cartoon snuggles, macaroni lunches, bubble baths and a sweet toddler belly that I’ve been wanting to capture.  If I  was committed to one day of carrying my big camera around I was sure to capture all of those details. 

  3. Challenge my photography.  I’ve taken on a few photography challenges this year and I hope to complete a “day in the life” project for each season of 2017.

Things didn’t quite go as planned for my little photo project.  I did plan to execute the challenge on a regular, boring Monday at home.  I wanted a day where my big boy wasn’t at school.  When we had no big outings scheduled.  I had planned on heading out for a walk to take in the fresh air as we usually do.  Possibly running out to grab groceries and catching all the playful moments between brothers.

What I hadn’t planned for was a clingy, teething babe or -30 (degree Celsius) temperatures keeping us cooped up inside yet again.  I hadn’t planned on looking like a sloppy mom and thought I’d be in a much better mood then I was.

I had not planned on a “bad day.”

Once I sat down to sift through the photos of my attempt at this project I expected disappointment.  I expected the desire for a re-do.  But that’s not what I found.

Instead I found the beauty and emotion behind the reality of our “bad day.”  I found that there are always smiles, love, and tender moments even through the tough hours.  When things feel crazy, hectic and out of control, it’s probably worse in your own head.

I was going to title this, A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom.  But it’s not.  My life as a stay at home mom looks much different today then it did last year and those days looked different then the ones the year before that.  My life looks much different then other stay at home moms so instead,

A Day in the Life..of me, Amanda.  Just me at home, doing the mom thing with my boys.


Wake up,  surprised I’m doing it on my own and not being drug out of bed by one of my small people.  Cartoons for my big J and coffee for Mama.  Always coffee.  Coffee first always.  



Little J wakes up, not always in the greatest of moods.  Get my hip ready to have a human attached for the rest of the day.   Also, breakfast time.  Feed the little people.


9 & 10:00a.m

Our daily time downstairs.  Music videos, dance parties, and “meal time” at the play kitchen.



Nap time attempt #1 for little J. Nap time fail.



Nap time attempt #2 for little J.  Nap time success.

Lunch time with big J.

It’s bread baking day so time to get the kitchen dirty.  Big J gets a spoon full of brown sugar after helping with the bread making.



Coffee.  More coffee.

Tackle the rest of my never ending housework.



Little J wakes up.  Post nap cuddles.  Snacks snacks snacks and indoor activities.



We goin crazy.  Mama’s goin crazy.  The bed time count down is on.  When all else fails on a housebound kind of day…bubble bath.  Bubble baths = happy



It’s survival mode.  Two and a half hours until daddy comes home.  Three and a half hours until bed time.



My dads home made soup and freshly baked bread for supper.  A warm, comforting meal for this cold day.  But it just wouldn’t be dinner time without some chaos would it?  Time to clean the entire box of spilled cereal that little J was eating off the floor with a spoon.



Waiting, waiting, waiting, while the sun goes down and then…daddy’s home.  Hallelujah



Story time & bed!



This is where I would have inserted a peaceful photo of my evening tea or me cuddled up in bed anxious to shut off my brain and watch the Bachelor.  But, after cleaning the dishes and packing lunches I was particularly exhausted so it was time to get some shut eye instead.  Those photos will have to wait for next time…..