A Day in the Life: Spring School Days

It’s been awhile since I’ve photographed A Day in the Life project at home with the boys. I used to post these over on my old blog, Sweet Peas and Dust Bunnies. I also finished some that I never got around to publishing. It can be really difficult to find the time to finish a project like this but I knew I wanted to document the routines of a week day during the school year. So despite the craziness that is Spring I followed through one day mid June.

It’s not perfect and it’s not my favourite. I could have put more effort into getting in the frame and I didn’t photograph during the bedtime hustle. But I did capture the details in between. The messy, the boring, the little details and that’s what this project is all about for me. So here it is, a June week day that I didn’t get called into work to teach. A day to catch up on household chores and spend time with my little J at home. A soccer evening for Big J and a day our Lola got a well needed Spring grooming.

6:00am Waking up to a so so kind of morning. Not gorgeous out but not cold enough to complain about.

Good morning sweet girl. Lola's scheduled for a grooming appointment this afternoon. She's lookin shaaaaaaggy.

Good morning monkeys or as Little J would say enthusiastically, "wakey wakey." Little J picks out his "first" outfit for the day while big bro is there for support.

I guess they like each other today.

Starting the morning off right!

I think I have a picture of these two sitting together at the kitchen table from every "Day of the Life" I've done.

8:00 It's off to another day of Grade two. Only a few weeks left!

The fridge is looking bare so little J and I are heading to the grocery store.

Thanks buddy.

9:00 Home and time to tackle mt. laundry.

11:00 Jude and Slinky Dog having a moment to themselves

12:00 pasta and piggies. I let him pretty much eat where he wants and today is the white chair while he watches some Netflix.

1:00 There's NEVER a dull moment with this one. He made me sit down to watch as he sang and performed a show for me. I applauded and gave a "woohoo" every time he finished a song. Holy cow I will miss this so much one day.

Let's change our outfit for the third time today, because why not. So an old Dino sleeper it is for some sensory play and if you don't know what Orbeez are you better get on Amazon asap.

and bubbles....

........spilled bubbles. #reallife #5secondslater

The only way I'm getting in the frame today. The Tri-pod seemed like too much work.

2:00 Time to edit......

.....with Mr. Incredible (also, fourth wardrobe change)

4:00 Big J is home from school with stories and a new found talent of blowing bubble gum bubbles.

5:00 Off to soccer practice a bit early to enjoy the sunny playground after a simple supper (aka peanut butter and jam sandwiches)

6:00 GO #6 GO. He's come so far from being a little Tim Bit on the field and not knowing which way to run or what net to kick the ball at.

My soccer star and who says full sun photography can't be beautiful.

7:00 Home sweet home for a cold treat, to love on Lola's new cut, and some Daddy time before I wrestle the two monkeys to bed.

This is when the camera also said goodnight because Mama just needed to turn her brain off for the day. We love June and those busy Spring school days but goodness we are counting down until the sunny summer days of no routine.