A Day in the Life- Summer Days

So here goes my third “Day in the Life.” A simple kind of day for us. Perfect for documenting us and the little details of our summer days together.

I fill you in on the “why” of these little photo projects in my first two of the series. If you’re interested I’ve linked them here for ya,

A Day In The Life – Summer Edition

A Day in the Life

An early warm July morning and our day begins here,


Everyone’s rolling out of bed. Captain Underpants on the iPad in their favorite chair and a cheese string for breakfast number one this morning (because that’s what you get when the two year old chooses breakfast) Could have been way worse if you ask me.


Breakfast number two (aka real breakfast)

A bit of master building and a lot of nagging to get ready and out the door on time.


Off to summer swim lessons


Feed the hungry bellies after swimming. A little quiet reading for Big J while Little J helps make our daily smoothie. Yumm


Visiting Nana and Pépé! Also going to raid their beautiful garden for afternoon snacks.

Making new friends..

This poor little guy kept the boys entertained for the longest time. He was very popular.


Cooking up a very nutritious dinner! Kidding, it’s golf night for Daddy so Mama says a big no thank you to cooking. DQ it is by request from Big J.


Home! Oh yes, the day’s mess..time to clean and tidy I guess.


Splish splash it’s time for a bath. Followed by cozy jammies and quiet time downstairs with a movie. Fingers crossed Little J won’t last very long before drifting off.



Then there’s quality time with my big guy. I told him he could read outside on the deck or we could just talk. He told me, ” Mom, I want to sit and talk with you because I actually have a lot to talk about”

and so we did…


Number two is down for the count

That’s it folks. A peek at our quiet and simple summer day! Some days are nutty and busy with big excitement and late nights but many are just this and just this we love.